Charminar - Hyderabad
Map of Hyderabad

Map of Hyderabad

Located in the Deccan Plateau, Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is popular for its great history, rich culture, mouth watering food and warmth of the people. Founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the 5th Qutb Shahi ruler, in 1591, originally Hyderabad was situated on the river banks of Musi. Hyderabad is often called the "historic old city".

Civic Administration in Hyderabad
The city of Hyderabad comprise of 1 administrative unit which is administered by MCH i.e Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, the members of which are elected according to the adult franchise. The councilors who are elected select a Mayor, generally from within the members of that political party which wins the majority. For effective administration, the city of Hyderabad is divided into 100 "municipal wards" each of which is headed by a councilor. District Collector, a revenue officer is bestowed with the responsibility of maintaining all records related to property and revenue collection. 13 members of the State Legislative Assembly and 2 members for the Lok Sabha represent Hyderabad.

Headed by a Police Commissioner, the Hyderabad Police is in charge of the law and order of the city. There are 5 police zones apart from the semi autonomous body of the Traffic Police. Besides the Andhra Pradesh High Court which is located in Hyderabad, the city also has 2 lower courts, the Sessions Court for criminal cases and the Small Causes Court for civil matters.

Hyderabad being a popular and busy city in India is very well connected by air, rail and roadways. All the major airlines both international and domestic operate from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or the Hyderabad International Airport in Hyderabad. Daily flights are also available.

Hyderabad is further replete with 3 important railway junctions
  • Hyderabad Railway Station (Nampally)
  • Kachiguda Railway Station
  • Secunderabad Railway Station
National Highways- NH-7, NH-9 and NH-202 connects Hyderabad to the other states. Private buses also ply within the city making Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, Hyderabad, the 3rd largest bus station services in the whole of Asia.

Historical Monuments
Place of worship
Fact file of Hyderabad
217 Sq Km
536 Meters
Geographical Location
17.366° N latitude
78.476° E longitude
Population Density
Literacy Rate
70.7 %
Average Rainfall
89cm (June to Sept)
Max 40 C and Min 22 C (Summer)
Max 22C and Min 13.8C (Winter)
Tropical Wet and Dry
Urdu, Hindi, Telugu and English
Islam, Hinduism, Christianity
Important Festivals
Deccan Festival, Lumbini Festival, Makara Sankranti, Moharrum, Ugadi, Vinayak Chaturthi, Diwali
Major Tourist Attractions
Char Minar, Golconda Fort, Qutbshahi Tomb, Mecca Masjid, Osmania University and HITEC City
Best Time to Visit
June to February
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